David Rosania

David Rosania

David Rosania is a resident of Cinnaminson, New Jersey where he spends most of his free time volunteering as a basketball coach for his Special Needs nephew and his teammates. Additionally, as a friend of Bill W., David also gives freely of his time to speak at meetings and institutions to spread hope with our challenge.

He started in real estate back in 1984 and today his reputation as a caring, fair, knowledgeable, and an extremely effective advocate for his clients has allowed him to currently work with referrals, friends, or family.

Having 38+ years of hands-on experience in the trenches, as well as a Real Estate Law Degree from Widener Law School since 2005, David has a most practical and comprehensive understanding of this process making it an enjoyable, safe, and informative experience for all his clients.

Email: david@patmckennarealtors.com

Phone: 267-971-8266