Briarwood Home Sales

Pat McKenna Team sets new standard for Briarwood home sales. Prices surging in Marlton’s Hottest neighborhood! If you live in the Briarwood neighborhood of Marlton New Jersey, listen up!

The Pat McKenna Team just recently listed 29 Continental Lane. In just one weekend the home had 32 showings, 4 offers and will sell for the listing price of $500,000 come closing date in August. That is over 30 thousand more than any home sold in Briarwood over the past year and close to a 20% increase on the average Briarwood home sale over the past three years!

With prices mostly hovering around the 420-450k range, and the previous highest priced home going for $468,000 (36 Old Republic Ln; Listed by MMT) the sale of 29 Continental sets the new standard for the whole neighborhood. Price comparisons officially coincide with that sale going forward.

Briarwood homes check off all the boxes for families searching in the area. 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, a full basement, centralized location, family friendly, great schools…The list goes on and on. The idea of having your children go just across the street for school from grades k-12, coupled with comfortable South Jersey living has resulted in Briarwood becoming perhaps the most sought-after neighborhood in Evesham Township.

With inventory low and mortgage rates even lower it is time to strike while the iron is hot! Combine a plethora of qualified buyers and record pricing and we’ll have your home sold in a snap for the right amount! This trend is not limited to just Briarwood home sales either. Across the Marlton area increased pricing has continued throughout the pandemic. If you are even considering the possibility of moving and selling your home, now is the time. Don’t leave money on the table! List your home with someone who knows the Marlton Real Estate Market like the back of their hand. List with the Pat McKenna Team!


Photos of Briarwood Homes