The Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Winter

The Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Winter

Have you ever heard that listing your home in the winter is bad timing? Well that is a myth! Yes it is true that you may not have as much traffic in terms of showings of your home, however, there are 4 major reasons why listing your home in the winter has its perks!

Four Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Winter

1. House-hunters who are searching in the winter are most likely very serious about buying a home. We all know people who look at homes casually and take their time and are truly in no rush. However, when a home-buyer is house-hunting and making appointments in December, January and February in frigid temperatures, they are most likely very serious.

2. Many buyers must be moved into a new home by January. There are several situations where buyers must be moved into a new home by the new year. For example, companies often relocate employees during November, December and January. Therefore, these relocated employees MUST find a home by a certain time in the winter season. Also, some buyers in finance or accounting industries strive to be in a home before the busy tax season begins. With these time constraints, these buyers are likely to take action more quickly in the winter season.

3. There is typically less competition. In the winter, housing inventory is usually lower than in the spring and summer. Therefore, there are less options for those buyers who are searching and need to purchase a home in the winter. With less competition, the chances are higher of that one buyer making an offer on your home.

4. Your home might show better. Many people spend some time in the winter months re-organizing and de-cluttering their homes after the holidays to re-set for the new year. With a freshly organized home with less clutter, your home will show better. Also, with less leaves on the trees, more natural light will make its way into your home, causing it to appear brighter and more open than it might with full foliage on surrounding trees.

If you have been thinking about listing your home in the winter but have been nervous, do not fret. There are several reasons why it is beneficial to list your home this winter season. Give us a call and we can help answer any other questions you may have!

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