Best Ice Cream In South Jersey

Best Ice Cream In South Jersey

What are the premier ice cream establishments in South Jersey? For those who appreciate indulging in ice cream, rest assured, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favored ice cream parlors in South Jersey, presented in no specific order, that warrant a visit.


1.) Leos Yum Yum - Leos is well-established in South Jersey. Since it opened up in Camden of 1938, it has consistently offered top-tier homemade ice cream. With branches in Medford, Atco, and Tabernacle, Leos offers a variety of homemade ice cream and water ice options.


2.) Evergreen Dairy Bar - Since 1949, this classic diner has been renowned for its exceptional ice cream and food, making it a popular choice for locals.


3.) Maple Shade Custard Stand - Exactly as it sounds, this ice cream parlor has been servicing the best custard in south jersey for years. In addition to their custard, their banana floats are exceptional.


4.) Duffers - When visiting Wildwood, a trip to Duffers is a must. Renowned for their daily homemade ice cream, this classic diner offers an array of indulgent sundaes, floats, and more.


5.) The Custard Hut - Situated in Somers Point, this establishment offers an array of homemade seasonal hand-dipped flavors, complemented by unique custard varieties, rendering it an exceptional destination.


6.) Creanies - This Sicklerville location boasts an extensive selection offering a variety of options such as soft serve, hard ice cream, water ice, yogurt, and more. Situated conveniently off Cross-Keys Road, it is easily accessible for peopleseeking a delightful treat.


7.) Sundaes - Another homemade ice cream destination is located in Voorhees, NJ. In addition to its ice cream, Sundaes also makes homemade whipped cream and their own type of creation called "radio balls." What is a radio ball you might ask? I guess you’ll just have to head over to Sundaes to find out for yourself!


8.) Springers - Situated in Stone Harbor, this shop is a traditional gem offering over 50 flavors of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet within a welcoming ambiance.


9.) Tonis Treats - In Malaga, Tonis stands out as an excellent destination for indulging in ice cream cakes. Renowned for its wide array of delectable treats, Tonis specialty parfaits boast an assortment of unique flavors.


10.) Richmans Ice-cream - Richmond is prevalent across South Jersey and Pennsylvania, with one of the standout locations being in Brigantine, NJ. Indulging in a sundae amidst the sweltering summer heat is a truly unmatched experience. Richmond can satisfy any sweet tooth you have.

Best Ice Cream In South Jersey

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