Thomas Hollinshead House in Marlton, NJ

Thomas Hollinshead House in Marlton, NJ

The Thomas Hollinshead House (also known as the Eves House and the Stow House), built in 1776, is regarded as Evesham Township’s first oldest building. Located at 18 West Stow Road in Evesham Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. The brick structure sits on a slightly elevated patch of land on the 1/3 acre property and is presently surrounded by a corporate park.
The Hollinshead House is a two-and-one-half-story building, rectangular in plan. The three-bay length measures close to 34 feet and the two-bay gable end width is slightly more than 26 feet. The base of the structure is made of uncoursed rubble stone.
Handmade brick masonry walls sit atop this stone foundation and the structure is covered with a wood shingled gable roof. A prominent brick chimney punctuates the roof at the west gable end wall.
The front (south) facade is laid in Flemish bond red brick with grapevine mortar joints. The three-bay front is arranged asymmetrically. The middle bay, which contains the restored entry door, is placed off-center and justified slightly to the east. The first floor is raised up off the ground atop a stone base with molded brick water table. This base contains two The Thomas Hollinshead House, built in 1776, is a fine example of a colonial dwelling built in Burlington County, New Jersey.
According to the Evesham Township Multiple Property Nomination, the Hollinshead House is the Township’s oldest known house. Though its siting has been altered, the existing building today retains a high degree of physical and historical integrity. Both the history of the house and its architecture have significance to this area.
Thomas Hollinshead was, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, an important figure in the history of Burlington County and the house he built with its three-room interior plan represents a unique design in comparison to contemporary colonial houses built in Burlington County. For these reasons, the Thomas Hollinshead House should be included in the names of multiple property listings as a historic resource of Evesham Township, New Jersey.
The house was built in 1776 by Thomas Hollinshead on 450 acres of land given to him by his grandfather Thomas Eves. Thomas Eves was one of the first settlers in Evesham Township. The land came into the family in 1676 when Thomas Olive, the governor of the Province of West New Jersey, deeded the property called the “Vale of Evesham” to the eldest Eves. The eldest Thomas Eves is identified in the Evesham Township Multiple Property Nomination as the first person to buy land in Evesham.

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