Ways to Prepare Your Home to be Listed for Sale

Ways to Prepare Your Home to be Listed for Sale

The Springhouse hunting market is coming upon us soon, so now is the time to prepare your home to be listed. Do not wait until May to start preparing your house. Read these 6 tips to make sure you are ready!

6 Ways to Prepare Your Home to be Listed

Get a head-start on competition. We have found that the best week to list your home for sale is the week after the Super Bowl. Currently, there is a shortage of inventory, and the serious buyers who are looking for a home now do not have many options. List your home now, at the proper price, to have a bit less competition and meet the demands of the current buyers.
De-clutter. The least amount of personal items, knick-knacks, and photographs you have around your home when you are marketing it for sale, the better! De-cluttering will make your home look bigger, cleaner, and more appealing to your target buyers. This is the time to scale down. Have a yard sale, donate to family or friends, or rent a dumpster for a deep clean-out to minimize the number of things in your home. You may even consider temporarily renting a storage unit to store some of your bigger pieces of furniture or possessions that you plan to move with you.
Add a coat of fresh neutral paint. New paint is an easy way to add value to your home and make it look nearly new! Your walls make up a large part of the visual area you see in your home, so make sure they look good. Consider neutral colors that will be attractive to a wide audience.
Clean or replace carpeting. Similar to your walls, flooring is a huge part of what you see when you walk into a home. Flooring is the backdrop against which potential buyers are visualizing their own belongings, so making sure it is in good condition is key.
Brighten up. A light, bright home looks bigger and cheerier, making it more appealing to buyers. Remove any heavy draperies, and make sure during showings and photographs window treatments are open enough to let as much sunlight in as possible.
Do a deep clean. Doing a deep clean of your home before listing, and throughout the marketing period, is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home look shiny! Not only will this help your home look good, but it will also make it smell good. So many buyers are often turned off by a wonderful home because there are intense or unpleasant odors in the house (i.e., pet odors, cooking smells, cigarette smoke, etc). Have a trusted friend come over and give your house a smell test, as we sometimes can become desensitized to how our own home smells.
Reach out to us if you are considering listing your home and we are happy to help!

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