Mark McKenna

Mark’s greatest asset to Buyers and Sellers has been his full time commitment to the community that he serves, in the form of political action, involvement in education, philanthropic donations and personal involvement in coaching and mentoring young people. He resides within the community that he serves with his wife and three children, and continues to work hard to propel the real estate market forward.

A graduate of Widener University with a concentration in business management, accounting and real estate law, Mark McKenna has created an extensive and successful career in the real estate world. Continuing education and training, plus involvement in professional organizations such as the National Association of Realtors and as a member of the BCCAR board of directors, Mark has consistently been involved in the direction & understanding of the real estate market as it pertains to his clients, to his community at large, as well as the policy standards set forth for the industry on both state and federal levels. His expertise is sought after on a regular basis by the media and Realtor Magazine has named him “One of the Top 300 Agents in the Country”. Mark’s true success lies in his dedication to clients for which he has completed thousands of residential transactions in his career representing over 1 biillion dollars in production.


Phone: (856) 983-0704